Upper Form Six Life (I)

10:51 PM

I am back! This time's fast huh? Hahaha.
That just proves how boring my holidays are.
It's okay, I now have a chance to fulfill my promise on blogging about 2014 moments~

Starting of the year was quite dull...few weeks of school and its Chinese New Year already.
I have nothing much to post about CNY, unless you wana see the ootds XDD
It's okay, I'll cut you guys some slack off my 'syok sendiri' for now.
And the comes my BIRTHDAY~~
I had some pre-celebration with both my CBW and SXI sisters.
Check it out, yo!

Date: 8th Feb 2014
Venue: Sunway Carnival Mall

I haven't see most of them for months. But I'm still able to act so stupid with them.
This was the day I just screamed in the middle of the mall and everyone stared at us HAHAHA
When I'm with this bunch, and also my SXI sisters, I have no self dignity okay.

Date: 9th Feb 2014
Venue: Gurney Paragon Mall

 We ate at TGI Friday's and oh God I'm telling you the food was HEAVENNN
Big thanks to Honsa, our ex head prefect for the HEAVENLY dessert.
Really recommended to order that when you visit. 
Oh gosh I can still remember how the chocolate melts in my mouth <3

We then spent lots of time AND MONEY at the arcade.
Spent almost 30 bucks at the vending machine just to get everyone a giraffe doll.
But we really had fun so in the end it's all worth it hahaha.
Next few days are spent on Gardenia bread :')

Date: 10th Feb 2014 (MY REAL BIRTHDAYYYY)
Venue: SXI

I had a surprise by my dear dear sisters and brothers. But I don't have pictures from that day.
Still, I would like to thank all of you for making me feel special on that day. 
I love you guysss muackkk~ (I have been using this alot lately)


Just four days after that, there's another event in our school
Event: Inauguration Dinner 2014
Date: 14th Feb 2014 (yes, Valentine's Day out of all days that can be chosen)
Venue: SXI

We performed of course, and the video is available at another post. 
Do refer to the column to your right for link to the post.
Anyways this was my ootd~ Me love love Tiffany blue these days
Excuse my retarded face


Fast forward to March I had another camp ~.~
Event: Junior Leadership Training Camp 2014
Date: 14-16th Mar 2014
Venue: Brother's Bungalow, Penang Hill

 In the cable car on the way up to Brother's Bungalow. Clearly you can see it's a tight fit. Lol.
 I was just going to take a selfie of myself when everyone else suddenly try to squeeze into the picture.

 Nice view huh?

 This dog is super duper friendly! Shakes hand with everyone!

Overall it was a fun camp. Of course it's mainly for the junior board members so the activities were not meant for old people like me. haha
I slept most of the time really. Coz I was sick at that time. Potong steam -.-


Event: SXI Cross Country 2014
Date: 26th Apr 2014
Venue: Penang Youth Park

Finally this year I got to participate in the cross country instead of doing duties. Haha
But I didn't actually run either. Instead I was walking with my group of lazy friends. 
Stopping halfway taking selfies. 
It was pretty much just like a stroll in the park while everyone else was running. 
Embarrassment, yes. Haha.


Event: Hui Ming's Birthday Blast
Date: 3rd May 2014

Firstly it was (a very expensive) breakfast with Thiviya and Hui Ming at Brown Pocket.
Took infinite selfies there, even bothered the waiter there few times till he's scared to come to our table area coz whenever he's there we pulled him to take selfies for us. HAHAHA
 Told you, when I'm with my friends, I have no dignity.

  Just as I said, nah I'm full from breakfast, I had another plate of Nando's.
I shared with Hui Ming but we each still eat a one person's portion.
Boy, how the HELL am I gonna lose weight like this? 

Our whole bunch. That's a LOT right? 
Oh ya, not forgetting it was Soon Jian's birthday celebration too so his brothaaas were all there as well. 


Days after were preparation for Semester 2 finals. So, NO OUTING. Haha.
The day after our exam end we celebrated Jestinna's birthday!
Event: Jestinna's birthday
Date: 22nd May 2014
Venue: Tea Garden

 This was the custom made cupcakes I ordered for Jes. Aren't they so cuteee? ><
However, I specifically said HIGH HEELS for one of the cupcakes instead they made McDonalds shoes -.-
But it's alright Jes was surprised and happy and that's all we really wanted. ^^
Planning surprise for others is really stressful! 

Anddd..that marks the end of my post. Another event was Teachers' Day but nahh you can refer to my "Dance Performances" post for the videos I'm too lazy to write again. XD

Thank you for reading! I'll be back soon~ Toodles!

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