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I'm back~ I'm not continuing my previous post (coz I'm lazy like that)
But I'm gonna post videos on my team's performance during SXI Teachers' Day like many requested.
Some asked me for our performance during Inauguration Dinner and last year KK Night too.
So I'm gonna post all the links here.

Here is our performance during SXI Teachers' Day 2014.
Song titled Mr. Mr. by Girls Generation.

Basically we only had 5 days to practice due to Sem 2 exam and even so we didn't have full 5 days to do so.
I don't know why but my school teachers love to find my team members to do stuffs for them so we are always busy XD
I'd take it as a compliment that we are trust-able. Haha
SXI don't usually have a grand Teachers' Day celebration so this year was first.
So everyone were very trilled. Thank you so much for your overwhelming response when we were dancing. 
I'm sooo thankful you guys didn't boo-ed at us.
I thought the crowd will when the music stopped just right before the fast part. lololol

Here is the practice version of the dance. So you guys can see a clearer view. And without the music stopping halfway.

Team GG Mr. Mr. Dance Practice

Our outfits for the performance. Does it have the Mr. Mr. feel? Haha


We performed Galaxy Supernova by Girls' Generation during SXI Inauguration Dinner 2014.
I have two versions of the video.
One is clearer but lack of live music so I have to edit the song in, thus no cheering and stuff. Haha.
Another one with low lighting quality but it is all LIVE.
So choose which you would like to watch. (Best if both :P )

Team GG Galaxy Supernova Performance I
(This is the clearer one)

Team GG Galaxy Supernova Performance II
(This is the less clearer one)

Our outfits for the performance. Inspired by the music video itself. 


Last but not least, our very first performance. Performed a Genie & I Got A Boy by Girls' Generation for SXI KK Night 2013
This was the dance that brought me and my girls together first because before this dance we barely Now we just can't shut up. HAHAHA
Enjoy the video~

Team GG Genie & I Got A Boy Dance Performance

Don't exactly have a group picture from that day with me. Hmm :/

That will be all! I hope you enjoy watching them~
Thanks for reading and watching the videos! I love you guysss!

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