Upper Form Six Life (II)

6:03 AM

Hey there lovely people!
Thanks for coming to this dead blog. Haha.
No worries, it won't be dead much longer.
As I have so much free time now.
In this post I would like to continue writing bout the second part of my Upper Six life last year.
I won't go in detail unlike previous post, I'll just jump straight into the big events alright?
This post will mainly be about the outfits I wore coz I kinda forgot what happened during the events to write further.

KK Night 2014
Date: 12th September 2014
Venue: SXI
Pink loose blouse
White lace skirt
Pink handbag
Pink high sneakers
Went for a pink theme. Just took something I had at home and wore it. Nothing much.
Didn't perform this year though because it's our senior year. 
It's when we sit and watch juniors perform! Haha
To those who just stumbled across this page and did not see our performance for KK Night last year yet, please check out the post "Dancing Career in SXI"

BOD Farewell 2014
Date: 26th September 2014
Venue: Royal Hotel Penang
Black dress with detachable outer skirt
Gold vintage earrings
Gold cuff necklace
Gold cuff bracelet
Gold glitter clutch
Black strap heels with gold details

Again, didn't perform this year.
Went for a black and gold theme this year. 
I'm not sure why I picked out those colours though.
The theme of the night was "Night of Shining Stars"
Not sure if I hit the theme but my intention was a touch of gold amongst the black like stars in the dark skies.

 Prom Night 2014
Date: 11th December 2014
Venue: G Hotel Penang

I'm going to be more specific on this event.
The theme was The Great Gatsby.
Which means it's all glits and glamour, bling and sparkles.
That's for the girls of course.
As for the guys, it's always the suit and tie. No matter what theme it is. Haha.
Turquoise front short back long prom dress with silver belt
Silver glitter heels
Silver glitter clutch
Silver vintage bracelet with ring
Silver vintage earrings
Silver vintage headband

I searched for THE PROM DRESS for what seems like forever.
I ordered mine online by the way.
It wasn't an easy find. I used a lot of my time everyday going through all the dresses to actually find this rare one.
As the other prom dresses are just too typical, this one caught my eye right away.
It's a front short back long turquoise/sky blue dress.
The lower part cuts in the middle to reveal the short part inside.
With some bling at the waist.
I tried to find if there's any dress that would win this one, but I couldn't find any.
So I got to feel what is it like for a bride to know which wedding dress would be her THE ONE.
You can't stop thinking bout that one no matter how many others you look.
Group picture of all of us <3

With the Best Dressed Male and our prizes

In case you're wondering, no I didn't plan to look like Elsa.
I just really love the dress.
And the hair was my last minute decision to put it at the side.
I guess the judges got the same taste as I do coz for some reason I won Best Dressed for female category!
Thank you judges I'm honoured.
I was in much shock that I took time to go on stage to claim my prize.
Because the heels were killing me so bad I had to take them off. 
So when my name was called I struggled like a headless chicken to put them back on.
Anyways the night was just beginning with prom.
The real fun began after prom!

The Prom Stayover
Venue: Luxfort 118 Service Suites

This place is a total paradise!
The suite was clean and very well equipped with living room and kitchen as well.
And the pool... Just see for yourselves...


Had so much fun playing games in our suite till 5am in the morning!
Then slept for like 3 hours and head to the pool first thing next morning.
We were lucky to have the pool all to ourselves.
Overall the stay was exquisite and I rate the suite 5 stars because the price was quite reasonable too

This is a very express post if you realize. Hahaha.
But I was too late to post these so I'll just keep it short and simple.
I've got more recent things to talk about. :D
Thanks for those who requested this post. 
I hope you are satisfied with it.
I'll keep my updates coming.
Thank you for reading!

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