List of Raja Uda Cafes - For Meals

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Bonjour Stellatopia readers!
Stella is back! Haha
About time, huh?
So sorry, I was busy with work and stuff.
But I'll be free for a month before I start my degree.
So I promise to blog as much as I can during this month, alright?

Today I'll be blogging about the cafes in Raja Uda, Butterworth.
I'm staying right here in this area and the amount of new cafes opened over the past few months is just overwhelming.
Raja Uda used to be just an area with a long stretch of cheap hawker foods.
Now you have cheap hawker foods AND some classy cafe foods.
Now there's even some murals on some buildings here.
It's becoming like Georgetown, really.

Alright, back to the cafe reviews.
In this post I'm going to write about cafes which serve meals i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner
In my next post I'm going to write about cafes which serve only drinks.

1) The Classroom

Previously was Tea Garden, this place has been renovated to look like a classroom.
Chalkboards, lab apparatus, etc... can be seen the moment you step in.
They even have white mahjong papers attached to each table for you to draw on.
Some really cool drawings were even displayed by the cafe.
Sorry the pictures are quite dark as I went at night and these are not taken with DLSR. Hahaha

They have this private seating place which is called 'The Laboratory'.
You can only sit here if you order RM60 or more.
And when you do you can order the 'Laboratory Set' (RM15).
It's a set of coloured Soda served in test tubes and you can mix and match them.
Supposed to make you feel like a scientist.
But we didn't order more than RM60 so we didn't get to order the set as well.

Their set of games for you to play with your friends are probably the most impressive one of all cafes.
The games are originally very expensive and for them to let us play for free, they are just very generous.
Though I am curious to see how long the games will last in good condition. Hahaha

Their menu is HANDWRITTEN in a notebook like one we used to have in school.
The menu has a variety of local and western food, and some snacks.
No signature food or whatsoever.
I don't find their menu very interesting but if you are just looking for a quick, simple lunch or dinner then you can definitely check this place out.
The prices are also quite affordable.

Strawberry smoothie~

They serve a large choice of tea. And the cups they serve in are just too pretty!

Their mashed potato is YUMMMM!

I forgot what is this cake called but we ordered it because its blue. Hahaha

2) By The Sea Lifestyle Store 沿海地带生活

This place is absolutely amazing!
It is a sea themed cafe. Everything in there is blue!
It really gives you the beachy feel like you're dining in Santorini.

Even the washroom is so beachy. Hahaha

Fish and chips! The scallops are to die for!

Seafood tomyam spaghetti (chef's recommendation)
 This is REALLY good but if you can't eat spicy then I suggest you don't order this. Haha.

Ice blended chocolate with kitkat

Ice blended oreo

Chocolate cake~ actually tasted really good!

Prices of food are okay.. not too expensive or too cheap.
But the ambiance is really nice for a chat with friends or a book reading on your own.

Of course, ootd shots have to be taken.
p.s. my outfits are different because I went two trips.

3) The Alley 
*Update: This place has since ceased its operation*
A franchise of the one in Penang island with the same name, The Alley Raja Uda serves sushi and coffee instead of churros and cronuts.
The design of this cafe is really simple yet sophisticated.
Though the space is not really big so you might not get a seat if you go during weekends and public holidays.

The sushi choices are not as many as you can get in Sushi King or Sakae Sushi of course but they are all quite affordable.
There are people saying that it is pricey but I seriously do not think so.
The sushis are delicious and the portion is quite big.
I rather pay for the sushi here to be honest.
However I do think the drinks are quite pricey.
Which explains why I don't order any drink. Haha.
I would have ordered more but I ate before coming here so this is all I can manage.
They have ramens and Japanese curry meals now but I haven't got the chance to try them yet.
I'll update when I tried them.

p.s. If you would look behind me there's a container outside the cafe and that's where they make the sushis. 
Don't worry, it's perfectly clean and it even has air conditioner inside.
I just find this so cute and this is the first time I've seen this.

4) The Stitch Cafe
*Update: This place has since ceased its operation*

If you're thinking to bring your little brother or sister or cousin to a treat, this is the place to go.
Inspired by the Disney character, Stitch, this cafe is just overloaded with cuteness.
Not to mention the first thing you see when you step into the cafe is this beautiful mural of Lilo and Stitch.

Ohana means family. And family means? :)

The staffs are wearing blue and pink uniforms like Stitch and Angel (The pink Stitch)
How cute! Lol

The display of Stitch toys is just too cool.

Fish and chips~

Carbonara spaghetti~

Overall the food were okay. Nothing too extraordinary. Prices are reasonable with the portion.
It is more of a family oriented place rather than a cafe for youngsters to hang for a cup of coffee.

5) Eighty Tree Cafe

The moment you step in this cafe you get this really vintage feel.
The decos on the wall... very country rustic.

The menu caters more towards people going for lunch break rather than cafe hopping peeps.
They have many types of lunch sets, mainly consist of rice and a side dish.
But they are not served beautifully so if you are looking to get an Instagram shot then sorry you can't.
However if you want a nice comfortable place to have a filling lunch then yes you can definitely give it a try.
They take party bookings as well. If you are looking for a nice place to hold your birthday bash you can definitely consider this cafe.
p.s. no food shots coz it really doesn't look so good on camera.

6) PIKNIK Everyday

A franchise of PIKNIK cafe in Nagore Road, Penang.
It's called PIKNIK Everyday because it's open everyday. Hahaha.
After its huge popularity in Penang of course this franchise got its share of popularity as well as soon as it opens.
The whole place is designed like a cool hangout spot for youths after school.
They literally have a school bus frame outside the kitchen too.
The murals on the walls... the canteen tables and benches... all really add on to the whole school look they are trying to achieve.
The infamous "Good friends never bojio"

If someone is missing a bus frame, you know who took it. Hahah

The menu is exactly like the one in their main branch.
Except there are no pizzas. Or perhaps not yet.
They have waffles, waffle burgers, pastas, hot dogs and many other snacks.
The taste is slightlyyyy worse than main branch's. Just slightly. Please don't kill me.
Prices are reasonable with portion.
But the staffs were very friendly.
I went to this place literally 4 times in 2 weeks time that I can recognise them and they can recognise me too.
It's really a cool place to hang out with your friends.
You can talk as loud as you want and nobody will judge you because... everyone else is talking as loudly too! Hahaha
If there's no noise, it's not 'school' okay?

 Sausages and egg waffle

 From the left: afogado, pumpkin spaghetti, baked pumpkin pasta, kimchi spaghetti

Waffle fish burger

7) The Artichoke Cafe

First of all, the name is funny.
To name your cafe after a vegetable is just bizarre. Haha
I wonder if there's any Asparagus Cafe or Carrot Cafe.
Hey, Carrot Cafe doesn't sound bad actually.
Anyways jokes aside, this cafe actually look quite plain.
But I guess Simple is virtue.
However don't judge this cafe by its simplicity, because the food will definitely blow you away.



Pan-seared coriander chicken (front) and Pork ragu pasta (back)

They have various choices of main meals which all sounded really delicious and.. tasted even better than it sounds! Hahah
They have brunch (9.30am-2.30pm), lunch (11.30am-3.00pm) and dinner (5.00-10.00pm) menu as well as some desserts, cakes, coffee and tea.
Prices are quite reasonable with the portion.

Red velvet cake with apple rose tea

Oh by the way, during tea time (3.00-5.00pm) they have a tea set promotion which includes a pot of flower tea and a slice of cake for RM14.90 which I find really worth it because usually that's the price of just a slice of cake at other cafes.

There are a handful other cafes with meals that I haven't visit.
Will update when I do.
But in the meantime do check out these cafes when you visit Raja Uda!
And stay tuned for cafes mainly for coffee in my next post!

Bon appetit!

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