Photo Day

10:17 PM

Hey amazing people, I'm back with a new post~
God bless my job for letting me be able to online while working. ^^
So today I'll talk about ma most memorable day for this month so far.

Date: 10th March 2013
Place: Gurney Plaza, Youth Park, somewhere at the mountains (Lol, read on, you'll know why)

So yeah, me with a bunch of friends have been planning on a day where we can go for some photoshooting like how some freelance models will do.
But we know we are no model material so we planned we would just take turns to hold the camera instead of hiring some professional. Lol.
Anyways we talked about this for quite a while, on the costumes, props and stuff until my mum asked me if I'm going for my wedding photoshoot coz we have like bags of clothes and accessories.
It was planned that after lunch @ Gurney Plaza we would head to Youth Park and then to Straits Quay.
So this is us in Gurney. Yerp, it has become a routine to take pictures in the toilet whenever we go to a mall. 

The day was going as planned until we left Gurney.
Coz on the way to Youth Park we got lost.
And yes I'm the driver. >.<
You can't blame me! I never drove to Youth Park by myself before. 
So the GPS aka Guna Pun Sesat brought us to some mountains or hills you call it where there were highly challenged road. 
Kinda look like this?

No joke, really. It was very scary! And I have 4 lifes in my hand so you can just imagine the pressure.
I was driving really slow while making the sharp turns while the cars from the opposite side just dash right cross me as if it was a perfectly straight road.
No wonder there's so much accidents these days.
Malaysian drivers should really think about their own safety as well as others. 
Anyways the hell road ended and we thought we were going to reach our destination but when we stop by to ask some of the locals they said Youth Park is the other way. ~.~
So yeah, that means HELL ROAD ALL OVER AGAIN.
This time I was faster but still really careful.
And then we want to make sure we don't get lost again we ask almost everyone we can see.
Like a lady in the car that stopped next to ours at a traffic light.
She stared at us as if we were going to rob her but eventually she realizes we're just innocent little girls! ^^ (okay that's a rare circumstance)
And then there was this guy where we talked to in Mandarin and he just replied us in a very British accent.
(we tried very hard not to laugh okay)
And then eventually we found the place. It's not far from Gurney at all. 
We just took the wrong turn and wasted unnecessary time. 
Trust me I feel like a fool but hey I can tell everyone I drove to the mountains already! :D
Just a really fun experience really, I think God got us lost on purpose to experience that.
Anyways we reach Youth Park and started snapping away.
Pardon us, we're not professionals so it didn't end up like Vogue magazine shots.


Many credits to our photographer Shuet Li! ^^
Thanks SL! We appreciate your help! :D

Thought the challenge was taking the pics? Editing the pics was a bigger one.
Weather was so hot when we took it and our hair are out of the place. 
Plus, pimples pimples everywhere! T___T
Anyways by the time we were done we were too exhausted to go to Straits Quay.
So we decided to head back.
Straits Quay, we'll be back :)
Till then, toodles!
Thanks again for reading. 

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