Lower Form Six Life (I)

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Hey guys...
I really have no face to face my fellow followers who have been constantly checking on my blog and asking me to update; which I promised but did not fulfill it.
Really am sorryyyyy! 
I didn't do it on purpose though...I was busy with life.
I won't do it again! (No guarantees Haha)
Anyways while now I have the time to blog I will so don't worry.
My last post was on April...such a long long time...
I don't even remember what happened during from then to now.
Well, I guess I can try to recall what happened each month...

In April after I quitted from the kids' shop (refer to previous post to know why)
I was working with my bff Hui Ming & Ming Ying in Popular Sunway Carnival.
Only a short while though, a month.
We could have worked longer but its after we got accepted we found out Form 6 starts early May.
Lol, the fear of telling the boss about this...indescribable.
But it was a great experience although it was just for a month.
We met many nice people (Of course some not so nice ones as well)
It was tough...I suggest those that can't bare standing even for an hour to not go for this job
Coz we had to stand from the 10am - 10pm (Sometimes longer ~.~)
But overall we were just glad we went for it.

These are some of my workmates. Notice the familiar faces of Huiming & Mingying.

And then Form 6 life starts. 
I went to St. Xaviers' Insituition, Penang.

And it is one of my best decision ever.
The best school in Penang, and I met some of the most amazing people here.
Totally different environment from my previous school, Convent Butterworth.
Well, not just the fact that CBW is a girls school while SXI is a boys school.
No, the culture, the history, and everything else...just gives a very different feeling that I've never had before.
It's almost like you've never actually lived a schooling life, until you come to SXI.
No, I'm not exaggerating.
Schooling life is one thing, the F6 studying life is a whole lot of different thing.
It is one of the toughest thing I've ever gone through...
Well, world's third hardest exam didn't got its name out of nothing.
For those who don't know, STPM (aka F6 public exam) has been changed to modular system like in colleges, where there are three semesters instead of one big exam at the end of a year and a half.
Is it a good news or bad news?
Well its kinda bad for me coz I've just recently finished my Semester 1 exam and I did quite horribly...
Well, one thing good about this system is it allows you to retake the exam if you are not happy with the results.
Of course, it would be a waste of time coz you have to study all over again after finishing your 3rd Semester exam.
I'll try not to think so much about it. Whats done is done. Gotta try harder for the remaining two semesters.
Like in CBW I've joined the Board of Prefects where I met amazing people, people I would remember for life. <3
Not forgetting my darling classmates who have been so nice to me and gave me the best F6 life. 
 I can't possibly describe all the memories I had in SXI so far but thank god I have pictures that can tell the stories chronologically ...

Just a few weeks into the school the Rovers Association organized a hike for us @@

Event: Green Hike Day
Date: 15th June 2013
Venue: Penang National Park (Taman Negara Pulau Pinang)/
Kerachut Beach (Pantai Kerachut)

Mind you, it was a hell tiring hike for a person like me...but I'm just glad I finished it alive.


Later on, I received a call from my previous school that I received the state level best SPM candidate award. Haha not to be boasting but it was quite shocking.
Anyways there's nothing to boast about when I'm there coz everyone looks friggin smart and I think my SPM results is just the minimum requirement? Lol.
Anyways I'm just grateful I'm there andddd I got a picture taken with the Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Lim Guan Eng!

Event: Prize Giving Ceremony for the State Level Best SPM Candidate 2012
Date: 20th July 2013
Venue: Geodesic Dome (Dewan Tunku) KOMTAR

Oh and those are my kindergarten, primary and secondary school mates that I met there and guess what, they are all straight A+ students, while I'm... never mind I deserve nothing more than what I got. XD

Fast forward~ Nothing really special happened the next few months, except that we were rehearsing time to time for our school's KK Night. We performed Girls' Generation's Genie & I Got A Boy.
Really not an easy task to teach 8 girls the steps to GG's dances.
As all Kpopers know GG dances are always quite complicated yet they managed to synchronize them perfectly.
My mates and I, mind us, we are just amateurs, or maybe lower than that.
But I was really glad with the way things turn out during the performance, we did great! I was already close to giving up but my girlfriends brought me hope again.
If we have more time I'm sure we could have done better especially with IGAB but its alright I'm proud of my team ^^

Event: KK Night 2013
Date: 20th September 2013
Venue: St. Xaviers' Instituition

This is the link to our performance that day..
KK Night Performance :)
Quite LQ coz HQ takes a longggg time to load just the slightest 1%

Fast forward again towards end of October! I had one of the most important nights of the year,
BOD Farewell 2013, the night where we appreciate the outgoings of the Board of Disciplinarians for their commitments towards our school as they retire from the board officially.
Ok honestly I'm not really good with words so I hope I'm not talking crap here.

This is the invitation I designed based on the theme of the night, The Ruby Masquerade.

 My outfit for the night~

Some of the amazing people from BOD that I love, there are many more in my Facebook album ^^

Event: BOD Farewell 2013
Date: 31st October 2013
Venue: G Hotel

Oh ya, I sang with two others during the night but I shall not upload the video.
Lets not die of sound pollution alright? XD

Okay that is all for now! I shall not add more stuffs to the already bundled post. Haha.
I will post again soon I promise.
Do keep up with my blog okay my dear followers I'm really sorry for breaking my promise again and again but please understand my busy schedule T__T
Till the next post, adios! 

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