Lower Form Six Life (II)

3:40 AM

Guess who's backkkk? 
Stella the Fabulous. Hahaha.
So sorry again for disappearing but you do need to understand that Form 6 days are very hectic and I do not have much free time. Even if I do, I have to use that to study. (Yeah right)
Anyways right now I have 3 weeks of holidays so I decided I'd update a couple of things to cater those followers of mine who have occasionally asked me to update my blog.
Again, thank you so much for keeping track of my blog after so long. From my old one to this new one.

Okay back to the topic.
Today I'm gonna write about the final moments in 2013 and the moments earlier in 2014.

Event: Leadership Training Camp 2013
Date: 29th Nov - 3rd Dec 2013
Venue: Cameron Highlands, Pahang

This camp is for the Board members in SXI which include Board of Prefects, Traffic Wardens, Break Monitors, Class Monitos and Librarians.
Yes, we are a big family.
Basically much alike the prefects' camps I used to post about last time.
The theme for this camp is Mission ImPossible.
Title says it all, nothing is impossible if you have a clear mindset for it.
Practically we had talk sessions, few games (water games in the cold weather of Cameron Highlands were pure torture but fun) and on the last night we had steamboat!!! 
Oh and a sketch competition where I acted like a total b*tch -.-

 Event: Heritage Walk with Sisterssss
Date: 10th Dec 2013
Venue: Georgetown, Penang

My girlfriends and I decided to go around Penang in search of the mural paintings on the historical buildings.
All the amazing artwork is done by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic.
But these are not all that we have found. There are a few that we didn't get to see as it started to rain.

Event: Trip to Interactive Museum
Date: 16th Dec 2013
Venue: Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Actually this day was supposed to be our trip to Youth Park to catch insects for Bio project.
But it rained heavily so we decided to come here instead. Hehe.

Event: SXI Christmas Potluck 2013
Date: 26th Dec 2013
Venue: SXI

Every year our school will hold a Christmas party for the students and teachers to celebrate Christmas with the Brothers who have contributed to the school.
I really enjoyed this party as the food were amazinggg!
Especially the roasted turkey yummm ^^
My friends and I also performed Last Christmas but i did quite badly coz I just recovered from sore throat.
Anyways it was kinda the first time I actually went to a Christmas party.
I don't usually celebrate Christmas, you see.

Oh and on the same day after the party, I met up with my sisters from my ex school~
Took selfies in the middle of the mall where everyone were looking but we didn't care hahaha.
Love you guys so much. No one can ever replace all of you <3

Well that marks the end of 2013.I will continue on about the first half of 2014 in the next post. Thanks for reading!

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